Public Installations

Public Art Projects

Harborview Elementary School,  Juneau, Alaska   2010

"Harbor Views From Sea to Sky"  is a series of sandblast etched windows with related themes.  When we first saw the school, the tall windows in the curved stairway reminded us of the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  The school's mascot is the Harbor Seal, so we designed them to be in underwater poses surrounded by kelp, fish and other marine creatures.  The second floor windows continue the scene above the water, complete with boats, gulls and an eagle.  Ravens decorate the library windows. 


Machetanz Elementary School,  Wasilla, Alaska    2010

"We Stand Together"  is a bench, approximately 22 feet long and a little over 4 feet high, with a wooden mural of 19 Musk Oxen behind it.  The bench is constructed of birch and birch plywood, with Formica lids.  The mural is made of walnut, birch, cottonwood, mahogany and ebony.  The eyes of the Musk Oxen are inlaid fused glass.  The bench lids open to accept lost and found items. 



Veterans Administration Building,  Anchorage, Alaska   2010

"Happy Dogs"  was sandblast-etched into a six by nine foot glass panel at a new VA building in Anchorage in April, 2010.  Four different densities of sandblasting, in addition to the clear glass, were used to create a three dimensional effect. 


Haines School,  Haines, Alaska    2008

"Glacier Bears"  is a 6 by 36 foot painting.  It was painted in acrylic on artist's canvas that was stretched on the wall of our shop.  When the painting was finished, we rolled it up and glued it to the curved wall above the main office in the entry of the school.  It was finished with a birch frame.   The painting was based on a small silkscreen print that Rob had done years ago.  Glacier Bears are the Haines team mascot. 



"Eagles, Ravens and Salmon"  is a woodworking and etched glass project we installed at the Haines School in 2008.  The bench is made from birch and birch plywood.  The bench lids open for the storage of lost and found items.  The back of the bench started with a painting of an underwater scene, complete with painted rocks, on the wall.  Real beach rocks were then placed in the foreground, along with found objects such as fishing lures.  Four plexiglas panels, sandblast-etched with designs of fish and other sea creatures, were then placed in front of the rocks, creating the look of an aquarium.  The sandblasting continues on the library windows above, with designs of eagles and ravens.  Overall, the project is 32 feet long and about 8 feet high. 


Alaska Marine Highway Building        Juneau, Alaska   2002



Many Alaskan designs adorn 32 windows at the Alaska Marine Highway ticketing and office building in Juneau.